Phoenix Visual offers numerous services to aid you in the practice of law with the most modern tools available.

Below are just some of the many ways in which we can help you and your practice!

One-on-One Casework

To help you in reaching the jury through every available means of communication, we review the case and evidence, then develop a presentation that supplements your personal style.

We meet with you as many times as you desire to fine-tune the final product so that it will be exactly what you need.

Presentation at Trial

Phoenix Visual will be present during trial to handle every aspect of the presentation, including unobtrusive set-up of the equipment and easy switching between types of evidence.

We can run the presentation for you or teach you how to run it yourself, depending on your preference, but, whichever choice you make, Phoenix Visual will be there on the trial date to ensure seamless operation.

Mediation and Arbitration

Multimedia is just as useful outside of the courtroom! Presenting evidence in a visual or animated format can help make a case clearer during mediation, and conventional aids like settlement booklets can be presented in a more dynamic fashion that keeps everyone focused on one point at a time, without the distraction of rifling through pages or shuffling exhibits.

Teaching Seminars

Whether you would like personal instruction on incorporating multimedia technology into your practice or a seminar given to your entire firm, Phoenix Visual gives seminars scaled to your needs and focused on the elements you would like to learn.

From courtroom applications to developing an animated presentation to the operation of video equipment, we can teach it to you!